Strategic Partnerships:

GlobeTrotters is an early growth stage exploration company focused on project generative exploration for base and precious metals in Peru and other parts of South America. The company boasts a strong management team with a large knowledge base of the key mineral belts of Peru. The company has completed a compilation of available public domain and in-house geological, geochemical and geophysical datasets in conjunction with the in-house processing of more than 200 scenes of ASTER and LANDSAT satellite imagery for all of the key mineral belts of Peru.

Through this process, the company has compiled an excellent priority target database to explore for epithermal Au and Cu-Au-Mo porphyry systems throughout Peru.


Properties for Option:

As a project generative exploration company, GlobeTrotters is dedicated to exploring for high quality properties for our strategic partners. To date GlobeTrotters has acquired more than 35,000 Ha of mining concessions in key mineral belts throughout Peru. These properties include Elida, Paramonga, Esperanza, Nueva Promesa, and Pullo as well as a portfolio of newly acquired properties that GlobeTrotters is actively evaluating.


Contact Us:

If you would like more information on our Strategic Alliance partnership or would like to find out more on our available properties, please visit our Contact Us page for details on how to reach us.