Discovery Through Experience, Technical Expertise

and Partnerships


The GlobeTrotters Resource Group is a early growth stage exploration company, focused on acquiring low-cost, low-risk base and precious metal opportunities in emerging world class mineral belts throughout the Americas.


The Company operates with the objective of creating investor value through joint ventures.


The Company boasts a team of reputable professionals with a proven track record of exploration discoveries as well as many years of collective international experience.


The Company is presently working to build a portfolio of early stage base and precious metal projects focused mainly in Peru.


The Company is also seeking partnerships with reputable mining companies to share overall exploration risk as well as to leverage our exploration experience and technical expertise in South America.



Latest Updates:


JANUARY 15, 2016/- GlobeTrotters Resource Group Inc. Stakes an Additional 17,800 Ha of New Concessions in Peru in Early 2016.